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We're home to eight different robotics teams from the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Each team has its own specially designated "pit", and, more importantly, it's own unique history, personality and well known motto.  Read on to learn more about our illustrious resident teams!


Building Robots, Developing Minds, Changing Lives.

Fernbank LINKS (Linking Ideas and Networking Kids with Science) was started as a Team America Rocketry Challenge team in 2002 by 5 Lakeside High School students, enrolled in the Fernbank Science Center STT (Scientific Tools and Techniques) magnet program. These students wanted to share the awesome opportunities offered by the science center, and from that goal LINKS was established. The students originally planned to just “have fun” in this experience, but wanting to share their energy and passion for STEM, they created an original STEM outreach program for elementary and middle school students called Science Night Out (SNO) as a means of inspiring the next generation of students to get involved with STEM. 

LINKS members receive opportunities such as internships at Georgia Tech Research Institute, Delta Innovation Center, and several impactful nonprofits. Multiple LINKS students have also been inspired to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, building impactful business ventures. 90% of LINKS alumni graduated from prestigious universities like Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Georgia Tech with STEM degrees and 95% have gone into STEM careers. 

In 2003, LINKS started the first FLL team in the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) and began sponsoring new teams the following year. Sixteen years later, the number of FLL teams in DeKalb County has grown to 84, which equates to 10% of all Georgia FLL teams.

By inspiring and engaging with students, LINKS fosters these students as well as our own team members with well-rounded life capabilities and skills. LINKS is a student-led team of 29 members from 14 different Metro Atlanta schools. We are a diverse team with students of all skill sets, gender, ethnicity, and economic backgrounds. 41% of LINKS members are female, many of whom have won prestigious awards at the regional and national levels, such as the National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing Award, 2018 Women in Technology Girl of the Year Award, Georgia Youth Leadership Award, and Harvard as well as MIT Engineer of the Year. 48% of LINKS members are people of color and have spread their passions in STEM to younger students of color by serving as role models.


Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

For over 10 years, we have made a significant impact in the lives of thousands of children in the greater Atlanta area. Our Educational Workshops help instill strong values and provide our children with a safe, nurturing environment to help them to grow to their fullest potential.


Building a Better Future

Thanks to local businesses, city government programs and generous, your children may have the opportunity to attend a professional sports game, participate in a volunteer service program or take a special trip abroad.  Just ask one of our resident robotics teams who recently attended an international robotics competition in Ghana, Africa!