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STEM Voices: Women and Minorities in the STEM Workforce

In the US workforce, jobs in STEM occupations offer some of the highest wages and best opportunities for advancement. Despite decades of diversity efforts, today, women make up well over half the college-educated workforce but only 29 percent of STEM workers. For underrepresented minorities, the gap is 17 percent to 13 percent. A 2020 AEI report, STEM Perspectives, surveyed 1,368 STEM degree-holders, to better understand the promise and pitfalls of STEM employment. AEI’s Brent Orrell is joined by Washington Monthly’s Anne Kim and Brooking Institution’s Nicol Turner Lee to launch Kim’s new report, STEM Voices, which draws on interviews with individuals who participated in the 2020 AEI survey, to explore the experiences of women and minorities in the STEM field.

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