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Meet Coach Morgan

Morgan Young first came to JSAC as a high school freshman and spent four years with the 100 Scholars Robotics Alliance.  After graduating in 2021, she is now studying mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University.  This summer she returned to JSAC to teach robotics to elementary and middle school students at the Invention and Innovation Camp.


Hall of Fame

On May 5, 2022, Dr. Lonnie Johnson, founder and Chairman of JSAC, was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame in Washington, DC.  He was recognized for his vast contributions to science and engineering in addition to his most popular invention, the Super Soaker water gun. 


With over 150 patents and dozens more patents pending, Dr. Johnson is a prolific inventor with innovations in the energy sector, technology arena and consumer products industry.  He is passionate about solving the world’s most complex technological challenges and encourages students at JSAC to embrace difficult work and to learn from mistakes with the same enthusiasm. His life is the epitome of his favorite word, “perseverance”.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 172229.png

Dr. Lonnie Johnson was Inducted into the National Inventor Hall of Fame.


Nationwide Attention


Students from Lawson State College (left) and students from Spark Academy, Usher’s nonprofit organization (right) participated in STEM activities at JSAC.

This summer, over 1,000 students came from around the country to visit JSAC.   Among those visitors were three very special groups, the City of Refuge, Lawson State College and Spark Academy, all of whose students experienced a “glimpse of a day in the life” of a JSAC student.  The City of Refuge is a non-profit organization that provides support to Atlanta families in crisis. Their students built mini robots which they later used to compete against one another in their first ever “robot race”.  They also tried their hand at operating a “tabletop” sized robot and eventually, tried to manipulate the life-sized robot into shooting balls into a target. 

Lawson State College hosted a NASA sponsored summer program for high school students. During their last week of camp, the students were treated to a field trip to JSAC.  They boarded a bus in Birmingham, Alabama and 3 hours later, arrived at JSAC. Fifty high school girls, many of whom had never been to Atlanta before, experienced a grand tour before having lunch and then diving into their robotics building activities.  A few lucky girls even won an autographed book on Dr Johnson’s life by correctly answering questions from the tour.  Two JSAC students, a high schooler and a college student talked to the high school students about their interest in STEM. Finally, Dr. Johnson shared some words of wisdom with them and encouraged them to shoot for the moon.
Students from Usher’s Spark Academy came from different parts of the country to experience everything JSAC has to offer.  Spark Academy students are mentored from middle school through college and given opportunities to learn about various careers.   From gaming to robotics to car hydraulics to finances, these students were immersed in it all at JSAC.  Towards the end of their day, the students were treated to a surprise visit from Dr. Johnson.


Volunteers Needed

Are you a great communicator?

Are you personable and can easily strike up a conversation with a stranger?

Are you interested in sharing the history of JSAC with others? 



We have an urgent need of volunteer tour guides.  All training is provided at JSAC and can be completed within 2 hours.  All volunteers are required to undergo training and should be able to commit to spending 2 hours a month as a volunteer.  

Volunteers should be:


Adept in public speaking
Good Time Management
Time to take part in training
Be able to guide the hour-long tours

Sign up here on Volunteer Match: 



Thank the Sponsors

Local Medtronic staff volunteered numerous hours with JSAC and donated $20,000.  Thank you, Medtronic!

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